Our Bio

We are artistic individuals, willing and able to capture all angles that you as a client can imagine. Our passion is not merely taking pictures but rather capturing moments that will provoke change, and lifelong memories that you can and will display for many generations to enjoy! Why? Because pictures are life long and say a thousand words!

Gifted with a photographic lens for an eye, we have the unique ability to both see and capture the most majestic, radiant, unimaginable images that are like artwork to one’s eye!

We can see the brightest of bright colors and the darkest of dark! We can tell when the lighting is just right or way off! We can capture that sunset moment just before it’s out of view and all while you pose in any environment of your choice.

Born and raised in Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, N.Y. We have been sharpened by its grit, spirit diversity, and its beauty. All we ever wanted to do was capture every moment. At first it was done thru poetry, and we further expanded as teenagers when we received a camera for our birthday. Little did we know, it would change the trajectory of how we viewed and understood the world. Being creative, having a vast imagination, and seeing things a regular eye didn’t see; we would take pictures whenever we could. It became our love and passion!

Our years of experience have allowed us to see and capture real life in ways unimaginable!

As we expand, explore, and embrace, all types of beauty through the camera, let us capture your most precious moments as we share our artistic talent with you.